Ingredients Informations



Contains; Potassium, Fibers, Vitamin A and C.

Benefits; Help prevent heart diseases, diabetes, rheumatism and joints stiffness. Help digestion and prevent and control constipation.


Barley (Flour);

Contains; Fibers

Non-allergenic grain.



Contains; Rich in Vitamin A and Fibers, Iron, Antioxydants, Minerals.

Benefits; Support the immune system, Maintain gastrointestinal health, Improve the skin and coat, Improve the metabolism of the liver.



Contains; Good Source of Vitamin C, Antioxydants.

Benefits; Help to prevent urinary infections and bladder, Help regulate digestive system.


Flax Seed;

Contains; Good Source of Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxydants and Soluble and Insoluble Fibers.

Benefits; Help prevent dry, itchy skin. Help healing cracked paws and nails.

Strengthen bones, also plays significant role in cardiovascular health and it may have anti-tumor properties as well. Fibers can decrease blood sugar and cholesterol and speeds the passage of food through the digestive system. Prevent constipation.


Molasses (Blackstrap);

Contains; Iron, Folates, Vitamin B, Magnesium, Calcium, Magnanese, Copper, Zinc.

Benefits; Help prevent Arthritis, Anemia, Skin problems. Maintain and help blood cells, bones, nervous system and heart. Fight free radicals and stabilize glycemia.



Contains; Minerals, Soluble Fibers.

Benefits; Alternative for dogs allergic to wheat, Help intestins regularity.


Peanut butter;

Contains; Good Source of Protein, Heart Healthy Fats, Vitamin B et E, Niacin.


Yucca Schidigera;

Benefits; Helps soothe tender joints. As anti-inflammatory powers alleviates pain from hip dysplasia, arthritis and soft tissue swelling. Eases digestive problems, food absorption and can calm itchy skin caused by allergies. It also helps control odour of body and stool.