The Cookies! 

A word to present CROCX!

Crocx is a company making healthy cookies for dogs & horses.

Those treats are made entirely from natural ingredients, mostly Canadian sourced and also are 100% natural and 70% organic. They are manufactured in Quebec. You can inform yourself a little more here; Crocx Cookies Info.

Having a dog with food and seasonal allergies, the need to develop healthy cookies imposed itself with a questions concerning currently available commercial cookies. My passion for animals combines with a 10 year career in food development joined forces naturally, which led me to develop and produce healthy cookies.


Crocx then emerged so your animals can also benefit.



Crocx has given itself a mission to participate in the well-being of animals at various shelters within the province of Quebec. It is with pride that 15% of profits will be distributed in Crocx Cookies to render their transit in those shelters a little more comforting & tasty!